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It is a deep desire of ours at KNIGHTS PREP to see a world in which all people are valued and treated according to their innate value as confirmed in scripture. We long for a world where blatant racism and more hidden implicit biases

Locked Down but not Logged Out

We’re living in unprecedented times which has made it necessary to educate in new ways and to reimagine our classrooms. We are so excited to share our Engage Learner Portal with you which will form the basis of our Virtual Classroom....


In the past few weeks, as we have experienced our routines and rituals pulled to pieces and discarded, I am reminded by a quote by author Dave Hollis. He suggests that “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which...

Confronting ourselves during lockdown

I can’t believe I haven’t left my home for a week now. I didn’t realise that lockdown would be one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I’ve found that the immobility on the outside has also somehow suspended mobility on the inside too and I’ve been unable to complete even the most simple of tasks.

The Power of Provocation

Would you be able to walk past these hands and not have a second look? I don’t think so! Where are those hands going? Why are they there? So many questions can be asked, so many thoughts evoked. My curiosity is certainly sparked.

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