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Thinking School

Defined as ‘the process of considering or reasoning about something’, thinking could well be seen as one of the most vital human functions! Yet, we find ourselves surrounded by people who are unable to ‘consider and reason’ skilfully. The question is WHY? And how do we remedy this?

Working in a Thinking School has ensured ample opportunity to ponder the role we, as teachers, play in equipping our students with necessary thinking skills. We observe, evaluate and experience thinking in its multiple forms daily. What an incredible opportunity to gain insight into how the mind works! Even more incredible, is the chance for teachers to explicitly teach students HOW to think instead of WHAT to think.

Many of us come from a generation whose intelligence and skill was based on how much we knew. We were assessed on content. Skills were encouraged but not necessarily expected. Entering the professional world meant many of us would have to develop skills as they were needed. Did we survive? Sure! BUT…were we sufficiently equipped to deal with ‘the big bad world’? Were we able to think effectively, on our own, without prompting or guidance? Did we question enough? Did we dare to offer ideas contrary to popular belief? Probably not…

Enter Knights and Thinking Skills. What a journey! The most exciting, challenging, exhilarating, wonderful journey. At Knights, teachers EXPECT effective thinking, questioning, consideration and reasoning about everything. A lesson would not be complete without students being exposed to one of the many Thinking tools made available to them.

Thinking Maps, Blooms Taxonomy, Harvard Thinking Routines, Habits of Mind, Growth Mindset. These are all common phrases around Knights. Both students and teachers are submerged in a language of thinking. And how enthralling it is to be a part of educating a future of capable and effective thinkers. Our students are learning to think about their thinking and in doing so they are developing one of the most crucial life skills. Students are not only encouraged to question things but are urged to do so. They are pushed to develop their ability to express their thinking confidently and accurately. #YoungKnights practice real-world thinking skills every. single. day!

We strive to equip our students with skills over content and to afford them the opportunity to practise the vital skill of effective thinking. So when the time comes to say goodbye to our #YoungKnights, we send them off knowing that whatever they are faced with in the future, they are capable, strong, able, effective and critical thinkers.

Jenna-Leigh Cubitt

Jenna-Leigh Cubitt

Grade 3 Educator

Mrs Cubitt has been teaching since 2011, having spent the past five years at Knights Preparatory. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Education and is passionate about driving thinking within the school. She co-ordinates the student and teacher drive teams and enjoys empowering young minds to think creatively.

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