Knights Pre School

Play-based and child-centred approach

Knights Pre School is an authentic Christian school. Knights’ beliefs provides the foundation for the vision, mission, policies, academic programmes and activities at Knights. All learners and Knights’ staff are required to participate in devotions, prayer, Bible Education, praise and worship.

Our Pre School prides itself on its play-based and child-centred approach to learning and teaching. It is within this special space that we take great pleasure and pride in seeing our children explore, experience and grow into individuals with limitless potential. Every day is filled with laughter, wonder and awe where children make their own discoveries, making sense of the world around them.

Our little knights are encouraged to express themselves through dance and drama, creative movement, music, baking and making, science experiments and all things fun, messy and marvellous – no matter the age. We count it a privilege to accompany parents and their children on the start of a journey celebrating the
wonder of their lives.


Talents are God-given and the way we think and live establishes the platform for success. The reality of life is nestled in our daily existence and our dreams and ambitions form our true self. At Knights Pre School, we link our faith with our dreams and realities. Dedicated, Christian teachers, committed support staff, involved parents, and visionary leadership form the median for success, the building blocks for future well being and internal self-realisation. This creates a positive school environment with high expectations for life.



Inspired by the teachings of Christ, we cultivate a culture of compassion, where students are encouraged to empathise with others, extend kindness, and serve their community with love and grace.


Our school is more than just a place of learning; it’s a vibrant community where students, educators, and families come together in fellowship and unity, supporting and uplifting one another in faith and friendship.


Guided by biblical principles, we empower our students to embrace courage in the face of challenges, to stand firm in their beliefs, and to pursue their dreams with confidence and resilience.



We foster a spirit of curiosity and exploration, inspiring students to seek knowledge, ask questions, and engage in meaningful inquiry as they discover God’s truth in all aspects of life.

Curriculum Offerings

Grade 0000 (2-3 year olds)

Curriculum (CAPS and Inquiry Based Learning)
Toilet training
Snacks included in fees
1/2 and full day options
Physical education with a development coach
Tumbling Tigerz

Grade 000 (3-4 year olds)

Curriculum (CAPS and Inquiry Based Learning)
Letterland introduction to sound recognition
Concrete NumberSense introduction
Physical education with a development coach
Tumbling Tigerz

Grade 00 (4-5 year olds)

Curriculum (CAPS and Inquiry Based Learning)
Concrete NumberSense and Time2Read introduction
Letterland sound recognition and concrete formation
Physical education with a development coach
Tumbling Tigerz

Grade 0 (5-6 year olds)

Curriculum (CAPS and Inquiry Based Learning)
NumberSense and Time2Read
Sound recognition and letter formation and blending processes
Early reading skills
Computer sciences
Physical education with a development coach
Tumbling Tigerz

Extracurricular Offering

Mini Tennis
Soccer Stars
Beginners Swimming
Rugby Tots
Young Engineers
Transition Football
Knights Football Academy

Knights Preparatory School

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