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03 Innovation Programme


Knights iPad Initiative

As a school, we have implemented this as part of our curriculum offering to cultivate innovators in our leaners. This is a mentoring programme where our teachers and learners creatively explore vital life skills that equip them with coping skills to prepare them for the ever-changing world that we live in.

Digital literacy is a critical skill required to navigate the future. At Knights, we teach our children the basics of computer programming, to effectively communicate and collaborate. They are also taught to apply technology skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

It is now compulsory for all learners in Grade 6 (2017) and 7 (2018) to have their own iPad for daily use at school. As a school, we also have purchased three mobile labs that consist of 20 iPads each. These labs are to be used by learners from Grade 000 to Grade 5 and work on a rotational basis, ensuring that all our learners reap the benefit of these devices allowing them to embrace the change of learning with technology.

We have a core list of apps that we require our learners to have loaded on their devices, and security, cyber-safety and responsibility are taken very seriously. We also have age-appropriate web filters for all internal internet access, including the school’s WIFI. Learners are expected to be responsible for their own devices which includes charging and keeping them locked up at the appropriate times, in the lockers provided.

iPads are transforming the way we teach and learn. Powerful creative tools, interactive textbooks, and a universe of apps and content make for endless learning possibilities. We are excited to be embracing this critical journey with you and your children.

Engage Parent Portal

At Knights, we try to minimize the sending of paper memos and notices, which is why we have a school management system called Engage.

Once enrolled at Knights Prep, you will receive an email from our Engage system which will provide you with a URL and username for our Parent Portal.

In the portal, you will be able to view your school’s timetable, homework, extramural activities, reports and any other awards received. You can also communicate directly with your child’s teachers.

One of our primary reasons for choosing this programme is that it enhances communication between parents, the school and the learners.

Parent Portal